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4 September 2022


SIXPEX respects the local laws of all countries. We do not sell directly to any country. Users who want to procure our products are responsible for acting in accordance with the laws of their own country. The suppliers that supply our products are responsible for obtaining the necessary documents and submitting them to the authorities when necessary.

SIXPEX products are medicines. It is not in the supplement category. We do not give any usage advice to users in any way. Every drug can have serious expected and unexpected side effects. Please consult your doctor before use. Never take advice from unconscious people.

Your first priority should be your health.

30 June 2023

Gonadopex 5000 (HCG)

We started to produce HUMAN CHORIONIC GONADOTROPIN (HCG) under the name of Gonadopex 5000

29 June 2023

Thyroid Meds

We started to produce thyroid medicines T3 and T4 under the names of Cytopex T3 and Thyropex T4

1 June 2023

Somatropex 100 / HGH

We have started to produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH) under the name of Somatropex 100.

4 September 2022

From Local to Online

We have been providing our products at some local markets for a while. Now we have a deal with some supplier to provide our products for online sales.

9 May 2022

PCT Series

We have started to produce PCT products now. Arimipex 1, Aromapex 25, Caberpex 1, Clomipex 50, Finapex 1, Letropex 2.5 and Nolvapex 20

1 February 2022

Anabolic Series

We have started to produce Injectable and Oral products now. 16 different injectable products and 21 different oral products are available now. Please check products page for more details.